Case for mobility chair – Carrying case on wheels, marked with the universal wheelchair symbol for transportation by airplane. The product has a corduroy exterior, a sturdy interior and an inner lining of waterproof, mold-preventing fabric.

The case has lifting straps and an opening at the top to lift the product when loading.

A zipper along three sides enables the independent handicapped person to easily open the case by himself.

Bedpan – A special bedpan that converts the product (Seatara Commode Chair) into a mobile toilet (for people with a mobility problem) regardless of a regular toilet. May also be used with a bag or with thickeners. The bedpan consists of two parts reducing its size when packed. Easy to clean, with a fast and simple connection to the chair’s chassis.

Closed seat – A full-upholstered seat (without hole) that can easily be attached to the hard steady seat, in order to transfer to chair into a slim wheelchair for narrow passages (transfer chair).


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US 9,259,370 B2